Why We Love Desk (And You Should, Too!)

51240 Ashwood Convertible Desk RmSet

Not everyone’s home office area is same.  For some people they have a room dedicated as an office.  Others have to share their work area by setting-up shop in their bedroom or living room.  The best feature of the Ashwood Convertible Desk is the fact that you can add or remove desktop space as needed without losing storage space.

51240 Ashwood Convertible Desk motion

This desk allows you to remove the sides of the desktop and attach them to the legs.  These shelves can now hold your office products and beneath the desktop.  The Ashwood Convertible Desk is perfect desk for small spaces.


The attractive Ashwood and black finish and contemporary design make it a welcomed addition to your home.


51240 Ashwood Convertible Desk detail2




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